Tuesday, March 26, 2013

RSVP Due Dates and Due Don'ts

One of the most common question brides ask me is what due date to put on their RSVP cards. 

Usually 1 month before your wedding date is plenty of time. There are a few things to consider:

1) When does your cater need a final head count
2) When does the location/planner need a final head count
3) While most people will promptly return their RSVP cards by the due date there are a few guests who will not get around/forget to return the card. You will need to plan on at least 1 week of tracking these guests down to get their RSVP from them via/phone/email/text.

Due Date Dont's
1) Don't make the RSVP Due date 2 months after you send out the wedding invitation. Your guests will put the RSVP aside and many will forget to sent it back.
2) Don't forget to include a stamp and write your address on the RSVP envelope.This not only is proper etiquette but it encourages your guests to return the RSVP cards.

DIY Tip: 
It's fun getting all your RSVP cards back in the mail. It's one of the few times in your life you'll enjoy checking the mail. Consider binding all your RSVP cards into a book form.