Saturday, October 19, 2013

Who's name to put first on the wedding invitation? The bride or groom?

Who's name goes first?

You've been working on the wedding invitations and your soon-to-be husband sees the bride's name first. He exclaims- "Wait! I want my name first".

Well, I'll start by saying it's 2013 and you can put the names in any order that suits the two of you. Every couple is different, and you should do what is comfortable for both of you.

Traditionally the bride's name goes first. A long time ago, in a pre-millennial age, the bride's family was the host and would word it "Mr. and Mrs. O'Connoly invite you to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Anne O'Connolly to ..... Michael Shannon.... son of...." so this started the tradition of the Bride's name first.

So if you find yourself to be more traditional and want to be classic, put the bride's name first. If your wedding invitations are more modern, you're a modern couple and it's really important to the groom that his name is first, go for it. The only wedding invitation etiquette police that will be at your wedding might be your grandparents.

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